One of my clients created an innovation room to perform brainstorms. It was part of a process that we have set out. Besides training in creative thinking and integration of these processes in the daily routine, working in an innovation room does strongly support creative thinking processes .

One of the tools I recommend to use in this room is targeting. My first American teachers Alan Black, Paolo Benetti and Nancy Meijers taught this very useful tool. My client took the effort to put the targeting tool in the carpet!!

Targeting helps you to strengthen your ideas . If necessary (e.g. different types of objections against your idea show up) you can freely divide the circle into multiple areas. Give each area a certain value (eg, finance, feasibility , engineering , etc.)

Ask your fellow session members how they feel about your idea ( outside of the circle is far away, close is like the idea ) and what is necessary in order to get closer to the center . These steps can be translated into actions .

Targeting is a good and direct way to strengthen your ideas. Also very useful in evaluation , team building , etc. The sky is the limit